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We make both, fabric and ready-made sofa cover. This is 100% Spanish product, with artisan tradition learnt and improved over many years, generation after generation, providing jobs, taking good care of our team, always employing best professionals highly specialized in their field. All this leads to creation of perfect product of highest quality. It starts with careful selection of ideal row materials which are necessary for production of different sofa covers. Our in depth knowledge of all technical aspects required for sofa covers combined with top designs which follow latest fashion tendencies takes us to leading position in this field.


The confection process starts with make of patron which is defined by sizes required and technical characteristics of fabric previously produced on our looms. At this stage there is quite low millimetre tolerance since it is vital in following confection stage of joining and stitching different parts of sofa cover..


Once we have created patron next stage is cutting. The fabric goes on the top of wooden patron and our technicians with special cutting device make real cut. Likewise all stages Nueva Textura establishes high quality control level. If cut pieces meet our standards in size and quality than this semi elaborated product is ready for next stage.


Now we have all necessary parts required for sofa cover ready to be joint. It goes through various sub stages such as stitching, gumming and curbing all them aimed in giving definite shape of our sofa cover. Crafting and technology are necessary to achieve final result.


Packing must maintain same level of high quality and great image like product inside. It is as important as product itself. This is why Nueva Textura pay special attention in packing and presentation of all products which contributes substantially providing up to date image its brands.

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